Proximity boards solutions

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Because all advanced electronic designs need perfect analog stages.

Maybe you encountered this kind of issues...

  • The quality of your digitizer is less than what you expected?
  • Your design, on the verge entering production, is showing unexplained and critical glitches?
  • You're wondering which component technology you should use to lower input stage noise?
  • The latest design performs well but you're exceeding your power budget?
  • Neither time nor money to re-engineer a high quality IR analog front-end?

These kind of questions are usually raised at the most inappropriate moment...
... and this is not very uncommon, given the ever increasing complexity of high technology projects.

Analog design problematic

Every high tech electronic design usually faces several issues due to underlying analog nature of electrical devices: sensitivity to transient effect, susceptibility to interferences, non explained single event effect, and many others...
Successful designs are considering analog aspects from project definition to final board routing.

  • Project definition: engineer an architecture to smartly meet the specifications.
  • Design: understand low level electronic behavior with non-ideal component model.
  • Components selection: be well acquainted with component technology and their specificities.
  • Place & Route: reduce EMI border effects by proper routing according to state of the art.

Good understanding of analog electronics is a key factor for solving electronic design issues mostly in specific and high performance projects.

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